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“Inside the Dragon” LP Release Party


The 17th of september we will celebrate the release of our new double LP “Inside the Dragon”, a colossal 30 track lo-fi masterpiece, at the every so great dB’s in Utrecht!

Down below you can see the full line-up!

More information will soon be there…

See ya!



“Boomerang Bolsjevic”


We present you the second sneak peak into “Inside The Dragon”. A romantic popsong for sensitive listeners. With this new song we also serve you the original cover for “Inside The Dragon” proving Bears and Dragons can get along just fine. We hope you enjoy this just as much as we do. The 17th of september we will throw a party, celebrating the release of our double album that will see the light of day just a day earlier.

More details will soon follow.

Big love!

A Jam of Choas and Confusion.


We have recorded ourselves a jam! With pride we present to you:

‘My Brother is my Alarm’

You can listen to this wonderful half hour of psychedelic rock below.

If you make it through the sticky middle you will be rewarded with a heartfelt ballad.


Monkey Pop Turns One


maxresdefaultHappy Birthday Monkey Pop, you good pal! We love you like no other! Monkey Pop is sold out. Sorry! But we will serve you something new this week!


Lost Bear in Brazil


For some reason these Dutch bears ended up being asked a lot of questions by a Brazilian music website. If you are interested  you can read the interview from head to toe at Oblique Musique. These peeps did their research damn well! They even knew about our little side show called Shaky Maracas!!!

What a small, small world.


Lost Bear inside the Dragon is on it’s way…



up to the date!


CD_MonkeyPopwe waren zo lekker muziek aan het maken dat we een beetje vergaten de website bij te houden. Dus bij deze. en om het goed te maken een paar lekkere stukjes om te lezen. ze gaan bijvoorbeeld over ons nieuwste telgje Monkey Pop.



Here Comes The Flood: Lost Bear – Monkey Pop

Pollination: “De onbevangenheid van Lost Bear” Een interview met alle bandleden

Zinesters: Monkey Pop van Lost Bear is niet voor tedere zieltjes

Music Meter: Lost Bear – Monkey Pop (2015)

3voor12/Utrecht recenseert (13)

Incendiary Magazine: PILE, LIFE SAVINGS, LOST BEAR, SUB071, 31/5/15