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Wind, Hat, Blown, Wet (official video)


In this crazy world, all we can do is ride the waves of absurdity by laughing and having fun with our friends and loved ones. We really, really enjoy playing this music. Nothing can wipe the smile of our faces. We are enlightened by the Force.

We also had a lot of fun making this new video for Wind, Hat, Blown, Wet, a song of our latest double LP Inside The Dragon. Next month Darth Vader will shine in the new Star Wars movie (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), but we were happy he found some time to share a typical ‘day in the life of’ with us.


Tomorrow (Saturday) we play at Le Mini Who? 5 Years, 17.30-18.00 in ACU, Utrecht. See you there!


Art Rocks. Oh Yes it does!


VOTE! Al you gotta do is CLICK that blue VOTE.

This is what you’re voting for…



It has been quite the wait. The first video was released on the first on januari. But, it’s here!

Stream or Buy? That’s the question!


Or you just do this at the same time, over at Bandcamp.
Stream it below, click here to purchase. If you think the shipping costs are too high, blame PostNL. Or send us a message to arrange a meeting in real life, where you hand over money and you get the LP. Like in the old days! We even have a few free totebags left to give away with it.





“Huh? Wow! I want that record!”

Come to dB’s on saturday! We will celebrate it’s release!


*this is us on a boat in Utrecht playing unplugged

The Dragon reached headquarters!


We are so incredibly happy…

Mobineko has done a great job!

It sounds wow!

It looks miraculous!

It feels heavenly!
It tastes like plastic!
We hope to see all of you the 17th of september in dB's in Utrecht.
We will celebrate the birth of the dragon with The Avonden, Cora Kemperman en 
de schuurmachines, Kanipchen-Fit, DJ Johan Gijsen and hopefully all of you!

Poster! Party! Picture! Price!


Aiaiaiai!!! The poster is done! If you see one hanging out there in the wild in Utrecht, make a selfie with it and send it to

When you bring us to our knees laughing, peeing our pants you deserve free entrance!

Woop! Woop!

And while you are at it, listen to this!