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The Looks of Things Anno 2014



Time has passed and time has wasted.

A long time since we set foot on this online medium.

We have been doing nothing. Spent some time on nothing and wasted some nothing.

As for now and recent time spent we have been and are quite busy.

As you can see in the picture below a lot of precious cassette tape has been abused for our musical endeavours.

Tapes and songs, spazzy attempts of creativity and experiment, psychedelic outbursts, pop explosions and folk implosions.

Heaps of em. Piling up. Heaps and heaps. Big fat heaps. This just might become something worth waiting for.

Something close to a magnum opus. Something nearly awesome. Maybe even pleasant.

A double album, a triple cd, god knows it might even be a whole box set or never get finished at all.

All we know is it is costing a damn lot of tape, a freaking shit load of time, millions of gallons of beer, bits and pieces of our mental

health and don’t get us started on the brittleness of them 4-tracks.

Anyway, be patient and safe some money.





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