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Listen to Baboon Deluxe


One year ago we released our record Shingolai on transparent vinyl. After that, we started writing a concept double album. 20 songs later, one of the drummers (Tammo Kersbergen, also the producer) split ways with the band. And when Tammo left, he took his hi-fi gear with him…

We decided to throw all the songs overboard and started writing/recording new stuff on 4-track cassette recorders. As a result of this, a full length album will be finished somewhere 2014. For now it’s also possible to listen to 4 of the new recordings on an ‘album preview’ called Baboon Deluxe:

A limited edition of 50 was released on Shaky Maracas last friday, while we were supporting Sebadoh. On the Bandcamp page you can also read the lyrics. Behold Lost Bear 2.0!


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