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Lostbear choose more rock on Shingolai
by theo team

In 2011 debuted Lostbear with longplayer Limshasa. Good album seamlessly into the trend of neo-indie fit. The Utrecht handles back on Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Buffalo Tom, Pearl Jam and firehose. American indie from the eighties, early nineties so early. That did the seven (!) So well that the old heroes were almost forgotten. Good work.

Late last year a new ep of the company: Shingolai. By me shamelessly overlooked. After yeah, that’s not entirely true. The EP has a lot of spins during my many train journeys in recent months. About the music writing was not there yet. I had three months ago to do, because Lostbear sounds even better here than on the debut, and the split with fellow citizens Dish Of The Day from 2011.

This is mainly due to the possibly unknown band has made that choice. The noise and guitar influences are screwed down, the rock idiom further colored. Five songs are on Shingolai, barely enough for a small quarter music. In my review of Limshasa I called Andrew Wood as an example for singer Casper Steenhuizen, Mother Love Bone to the sound Lostbear at times produces. Well, that comparison is now quite obvious. Indeed, Shingolia might as well be a forgotten ep from a band that so around 1989 and around Portland furore by Mother Love Bone was invited as support. So to speak.

Would fit well for several reasons. The colorful, extravagant Andrew Wood and Mother Love Bone hear back Lostbear. Not so much of the flamboyant too early deceased singer, but the musical depth and openness of his band in the early days of grunge. In particular, the winds enrich the sound of Utrecht and give them an extra layer of indie rock. And then there is the energy of the five songs spalling. Also similar to that of Mother Love Bone. The songs sound like a party is built in the studio, enjoy playing more important than the quality of the recordings. So much joy you can hear a little contemporary pop band. Lostbear plays as if life depended on it.

You hear that from the very first note. “Sohilait is a higgledy-leaning rocker with beautiful brass work and a lot of soul. On is not without reference to King’s X. Heard correctly. ‘Science’ is an American indie In 1989 all over again. Beautiful. Yes, the music of Lost Bear is old fashioned, retro perhaps. But what does it matter? Much energy and emotion compressed into a quarter music of this quality you seldom hear.

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