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bear necessities


Subroutine on Lost Bear (for Subroutine Cares Showcase during Eurosonic festival):
Seven hairy dudes from Utrecht playing in one band. You might think this is a coincidence, but we believe that there is something bigger behind this. Lost Bear plays an explosive mixture of indierock and post-hardcore. Their live shows are loud, aggressive and overwhelming. Currently in the midst of the post-production of their upcoming album, that is scheduled to be released in March. Right now we don’t know whether their two drummers will fit in Kult, but we’ll see. According to the owner of Kult, last year we broke their record by squeezing in over 150 people. Surely one extra drummer will fit. If not, we can always get a little closer to the band. The Bears don’t bite, although they have been known to do some pretty awkward dances when fed alcohol. We’ve heard that when they try a few. The bare necessities of life will come to you.

Subroutine Cares

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Lost Bear will play on thursday 13 january @ Kult, Groningen, 01:00


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